People with Goals Don’t Have Time for Gossip

When you have a direction you’re aiming for, what used to seem important becomes less and less. You start to take on new meaning and direction, meanwhile all the office politics and gossip that used to get under your skin starts to become a thing of the past.

When you hear someone discussing the latest gossip about someone else’s life; whether good or bad you know they are not concerned about they’re own life’s direction except for the direction of others; they live through other people.

It pains to see this; I myself cannot stand gossip because I know what’s going on internally with an individual’s heart and mind if they’re spending their days talking about others. What’s the point? There is no point, that’s just it. There’s no focus, and it’s wasted air.

So I block it out; I choose to focus on what matters. I don’t have time for gossip and politics. My life is on a mission and I’m not wasting any bit of the air that God gave me on someone else’s latest “down-talk” about someone’s life.

It’s really pathetic and low if you ask me, and does no good for this world. The only words that should leave a person’s mouth are the ones used to increase, encourage, uplift, and move us and our world towards the betterment of bigger things.

Goals are powerful and goals are life; there is no life through gossip, just waste.

If you want to escape the politics, plant yourself real solid goals that inspire you and go after them like nothing else matters.



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  • Rick Seigmund

    Absolutely Rob, gossip is actually life threatening. In the Jewish culture during the time of Jesus, the hebrew word for gossip was an allusion to murdering someone else. They viewed it that seriously, because they understood that a reputation is really all we have.

  • Michael Wright

    Idle words and gossip are really frowned upon in the Bible.  To read that I’ll be accountable for all the words I’ve spoken is – humbling.  Probably good for me that I’m on Introvert, eh!?

    The reality TV shows people follow and talk about kinda fall in this category.  People too busy following other people’s lives on TV that they never study and live their own.  

  • Cam

    Hey Rob,
    I’ve intentionally began to listen to podcasts and other positive audio just because of the uncertainty in the caliper of office communication.

    People can easily ask me a question, but I am able to avoid small talk very easily.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful example! I never related it to murdering, but in a sense it is. We should never seek to intentionally take anything from people; and that includes their reputation.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest question is why does it seem easier to evaluate and judge other lives before ourselves. Perhaps the truth is too revealing sometimes? Reality shows really feed us more influence into the world of gossip. Getting sucked into that vacuum really puts the world at risk because people are detoured even more from looking inward. It’s now so much easier to live vicariously. Time to be intentional, and break this spell!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Cam! What we intentionally feed our minds with prepares us for how we respond to the world… A thriving tree can produce much fruit and many seeds… 

  • Michael Good

    Rob, goals have been huge for me. 

    This post makes my think of Zig Ziglar when he asks, “Have you ever noticed that people that don’t have anything to do generally want to do it with you?”

  • Anonymous

    That quote is dead on, thanks for sharing…  Goals bring the spirit alive, and the spirit won’t have time for the petty nonsense that typically consumes average thinking.

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