Waterfalls Help Me

I used to not be able to say this, but now… Well, I’ll admit that I can move about freely with my work being that it is pretty much mobile. I’ll go and sit in different locations, and especially when I’m feeling stuffy in my own office I make a conscious choice to go somewhere else. Maybe it’s by a tree, by some water, or even on the patio. I have a particular waterfall near the house that I like to go sit by.

One of my biggest dreams was to not be confined to a certain place. And now, through my intentional efforts it’s becoming much easier to fulfill that.

It’s been a big dream of mine, because I believe environment plays a huge role in our ability to really flourish and maximize our potential. More organizations are starting to see the benefit of allowing remote telecommunicating with their employees, though there are still many still hanging on to stacking cubicles. The ones who change to the new model understand that their employees get better work quality as well as a financial cost savings by not using up all that office space. In many cases, it makes a ton of business sense.

Bottom line is that I make my environment a priority. It’s one thing to say that I will read to improve my mind, or exercise, or spend quiet time with just God and me, but my environment plays a huge role in my ability to do those things well.

My life areas are important to me, and if I choose to not be intentional about my environments, then I’m admitting without saying that my life areas are not important to me.

What’s important to me at that point is how I’m able to appease my circumstances.

I no longer make decisions to appease circumstances. My decisions have to count for something that matters long term. One of the most nourishing things you can give your core is the choice of environments you live, breathe, read, work, and play in.

I invite you to make your environment a vital part of your core nourishment. What happens at the core affects everything else; it either feeds your growth, or it prevents it.

If you want to continue growing and everyday become better than you were, then give yourself an environment that’s very conducive to everything you do.



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  • http://www.fatherofone.com/ Michael Wright

    Hey Rob, where’s the electrical plug at the waterfall for your laptop? LOL. My laptop battery wouldn’t last too long there.  I’m with you brother.  I love the flexibility of being “mobile”, it really helps in alot of ways.   I really believe it helps you be more creative and energized to get things done.  You just have to  stay on task and focused with deadlines.

  • http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com/ Ann J Musico

    I’m a little jealous lol!  I would probably spend most of my days sitting by a waterfall if there was one nearby.  I agree – environment is so important and can change your entire perspective.  I do my best thinking when I’m walking the rail trail among the trees, squirrels, deer and birds.  Nature affects us in ways we don’t even fully realize.  

  • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

    This something I’ve been thinking a lot about now that I’m in business for myself. When I’m meeting with students I don’t have the flexibility to be just anywhere, but when I’m working on other areas of the business, I do.  I try to be intentional about where I am, especially if I’m hitting a roadblock. 

  • http://designercam.com/ Cam

    Hey Rob,
    Great post. While you didn’t say it directly, the thought came to mind that often times we are quick to analyze and improve the quality of what we look at / listen to / put into our mouths, but not too often do we focus on improving all the senses equally (known as our experience/environment).

    We should be aware and intentional about everything that comes into every sense of our body. The quality of the things we pay attention to determines the quality of our lives.

    Keep pushing forward, and I’m a little jealous that you have such a nice waterfall close by your house. :-)


  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! Yeah, that’s thing… Battery Backup! I don’t have a plug out there so I have just a few hours of laptop work, but in most cases it’s plenty of time to get what I need done. Here’s what I was going on that particular day…. 

  • Anonymous

    Makes working so much more fun for sure! And wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your students and teach them guitar over by a waterfall as well? :) 

  • Anonymous

    You said it well… We take our senses for granted, and don’t realize what goes in the mind sometimes. It has so much influence on how we respond to the world. Intentional living is so important! Thanks for the compliment on the waterfall. Hope you’re down here sometime, and I’ll take you up there!

  • Anonymous

    Nature most certainly does! I love the trails.. Just took Cheryl on her first trail run the other day. I’m glad she likes trail much better than road, so that means we get to do more adventures on the trail and with nature. And just like I told Cam, hope you make it down to GA sometime and I’ll be sure to take to that Waterfall. Georgia has many amazing falls.

  • http://designercam.com/ Cam

     If I am ever down in that area, I definitely will take you up on the offer!


  • Anonymous

    Awesome! :)

  • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

    Hmm, I’ll have to brainstorm that one.

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